Twirly Tails Horse Hair Jewelry



Ordering a bracelet or necklace

  1. How do I collect the horse hair?

    How to collect your horse's hair:
    1. Grasp the longest hairs at the bottom of your horse's tail
    2. Lift these hairs over to the side, while pulling away shorter hairs with your other hand
    3. Cut close to the end of the tail bone
    4. Cut a few bundles from different spots in the tail so that the cuts are less noticeable (and, for horses that have multiple colors in their hair, so that there are different colors included)
    5. The end result should be about the width of your index finger
    6. Tie a rubber band around the top of the bundle
    7. Wash the hair with shampoo. Do NOT use conditioner
    8. Coil the hair into a zip-lock bag with your name and email address on it.

  2. How do you size the bracelets?

    Measure your wrist and add 1/4-1/2 inch, depending on how loose you would like it. This will be your finished bracelet length.

  3. Can I order a bracelet without supplying horse hair?

    Yes!  I can make up any of the bracelets shown with some variation so no 2 are exactly alike.  I have horse hair from my own horses on hand to use in all colors: white, grey, flaxen, chestnut and black.

  4. Can I have a bracelet made from hair from more than 1 horse?

    Yes!  You can send hair from different horses!

  5. Are there any care tips?

    A smooth braid is essential to quality - no stray hairs sticking up anywhere.  However, with wear and tear, it is possible that a hair may pop up.  If this should happen, use a nail clippers to carefully snip the hair off as close to the surface as possible.  This will maintain the smooth surface and will not harm/weaken the piece.

    If the piece needs any cleaning, just use a mild shampoo, taking care to stay away from where the braid is connected to the ends so the glue isn't broken down.  If any damage occurs, please see my return/repair policy.  I will be happy to try and repair as best I can, or replace if needed.

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