Twirly Tails Horse Hair Jewelry


Left: Necklace with a spiral braid.  Has a very pretty lacey look!  Toggle clasp with bling in front.

Right top:  Necklace with a 2 tone 12 strand Fishscale braid.

Right Bottom:  12 Strand round braid with lots of beads and a bronze colored horse head heart pendant and bronze colored fittings.
Left and right:  Convertible necklaces!

You can wear this necklace with the clasp worn in front or in back for different looks!  Pendants are magnetic and can be worn without any pendant or get more magnetic pendants and change them out!  Very versitile and great fpr the person who likes variety.
Left:  12 Strand round braid with crosses and a matching bracelet.

Right:  Necklace with a rowel pendant with swarovski crystals and crystal horse shoe beads
Left: Unisex Necklace!  50.00
Men love their horses too!
This heavier braid would look great on either a man or woman.

Left: Spiral braid with lots of bling!